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How to Sleep Soundly with a Toothache

November 17, 2021

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person with toothache in Annapolis sleeping peacefully at night

After a long day of work, it’s nice to lay down and enjoy a peaceful night of sleep. However, if you have a throbbing toothache that’s bugging you, a peaceful night may seem out of the question. Though your first priority should be to call your dentist’s office to make an emergency visit, there are several things you can do to alleviate the pain until then. Read on to learn why toothaches are more noticeable at night and six tips to help you get some rest until you can see your dentist.

Why Toothaches Are More Noticeable at Night

If you’ve noticed that your toothache feels worse at night, there are a few things that make it feel more noticeable. Though unintentional, many patients clench or grind their teeth while they sleep, which further exacerbates their toothache. Laying down also increases blood flow to the head, which compounds the throbbing feeling even further.

6 Tips for Sleeping Soundly with a Toothache

Quality sleep is essential to helping you concentrate, improving your mood, and boosting your immune system. There are a few helpful tips that can help you doze peacefully until your dental appointment, including:

  • Rinse your mouth –Mix salt into warm water and use it as a mouthwash to kill harmful bacteria and reduce your risk of developing an infection.
  • Avoid certain foods – Before you go to bed, avoid eating acidic, sweet, and cold foods as these can all intensify your toothache.
  • Practice good oral hygiene – Make sure to brush your teeth for two minutes and floss before you go to bed. You may also want to use mouthwash to remove food particles or other debris that may be causing your toothache to prevent further damage or decay.
  • Elevate your head – Prop your head up with a few pillows to prevent blood from rushing to your head, which can worsen your tooth pain.
  • Take pain medication – As a short-term solution to a toothache, take over-the-counter pain medicine as directed to relieve discomfort.
  • Use an ice pack or a cold compress – Apply a cold compress or an ice pack wrapped in a towel to numb the area and reduce inflammation.

Though your toothache may not require an emergency visit to the dentist, make sure to have it treated as soon as possible. By doing this, they will be able to fix the issue before it gets any worse so you can get back to sleeping soundly!

About the Author

Do you have a toothache that’s preventing you from sleeping soundly at night? Vanik Dental Group of Annapolis can help. Led by Dr. John Vanik, they treat the residents of Annapolis with the exceptional, efficient, and trustworthy dental care they deserve. Whether your toothache is an emergency or requires a simple filling, they will do whatever they can to help you get your smile back on track. For more information on how to sleep through the night with a toothache or to set up an appointment, call Vanik Dental Group of Annapolis at (614) 412-5496 or visit their website.

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