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4 Reasons to Visit a Dentist with an Intraoral Camera

September 21, 2021

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dentist examining a patient’s mouth with an intraoral camera in Annapolis

When you’re looking for a dentist, you want them to have a few important qualities. Ideally, they should be knowledgeable, have a gentle chairside manner, and provide financing options. However, you should also consider the technology a dentist uses. If a dentist uses an intraoral camera, for example, your care will often be more effective. This small, pen-like device has a camera on the end that displays high-resolution images on a monitor as it takes pictures of your mouth. Here are four reasons why seeing a dentist with an intraoral camera in Annapolis can improve your visits!

1. Learn More About Your Smile’s Health

Sometimes, it can be hard to visualize what your dentist is talking about when they describe an issue with your teeth or gums. With an intraoral camera, they can simply show you. As they move the camera around in your mouth, you’ll see crystal-clear images on the chairside monitor in real time, leading to a better understanding of your dental health.

2. Catch Problems Early On

By examining your mouth this closely during your routine checkup, your dentist can detect early warning signs of cavities and other issues you may not have noticed yet. Your dentist can then treat these problems before they cause discomfort or require more invasive (and expensive) procedures.

3. Feel Completely Confident About Your Treatment

You’re literally putting your smile in your dentist’s hands, so they should be someone you can trust. If a dentist uses an intraoral camera, you don’t have to take your dentist’s word for it that you need a particular treatment; you can see for yourself what’s going on and how your dentist plans to address it.  This creates a trustworthy relationship between you and your dentist that is essential for quality care.

4. Make the Dental Insurance Process Easier

Before they can provide coverage for a service, dental insurance companies often require proof of a particular issue or treatment. Intraoral cameras generate high-definition images that serve as proof of a patient’s claims. Plus, these images can easily be sent digitally, saving a lot of time and making the claims process easier for everyone involved.

Technology is constantly evolving for the better, and dental technology is no exception. The next time you need a new dentist in Annapolis, make sure they use an intraoral camera and other technological advancements. Your pearly whites will thank you!

About the Author

At Vanik Dental Group of Annapolis, Dr. John Vanik is proud to follow in the footsteps of his father, Dr. Neil Vanik. Since graduating from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, Dr. John Vanik has invested in the latest dental technology, including intraoral cameras, to enhance his patients’ experience. If you’re looking for a dentist in Annapolis who makes your appointments smooth and easy, contact Dr. Vanik by calling 614-412-5496.

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